Ranting is My Thing



So i made the mistake of going into the gigs section of a very well-known  message board to post an ad for a cartoonist/ comic for the magazine. i started  READING  the ads.

I shouldn’t have done that,

After i stopped laughing i started to digest what i just read.

There are some messed up people in the world.

I already knew that but i didn’t think people would put it in writing.

THis one is looking for a secretary +. EMphasis on the +.

2016-04-17 (3)

This is just flat-out a scam.

2016-04-17 (2)

This one is either looking for a stripper or a future corner girl. It’s a little unclear but either way some girl is getting naked.

2016-04-17 (4)

I know i’m a little naive in some things. I like to believe that the world is good and clean and behaves in a moral way. That people try their best to not hurt, exploit or abuse others.  But increasingly my world view is crushed and stomped on.

People are weird and do weird things. And they want to involves in their weird things.

I wonder how many girls have answered the first two ads. Did the pervy “professor” find a “secretary”?  I hope not. I hope no one answered his ad and he had to be a professional at work. I hope  that some desperate person with bills didn’t reach their rock bottom and think this man with girl troubles was the best offer they were going to get. And i hope the girl who knows how to twerk decides to twerk in the privacy of her house and not end up paying some man money to twerk for other people.

And i really hope that that same unemployed/ underemployed girl who is down to her last $5 doesn’t turn it over to the scammer without a spellcheck in hopes of getting a job.

Inevitably, someone is going to message me and tell me i shouldn’t judge.

Too bad. I did,

These people want to take advantage of people at the narrow end of short rope. They knew who they were targeting when they posted these ads and they knew what type of woman would respond to it.

That’s not ok.

There is no easy fix here. I cannot make the ads disappear and the people who posted them to behave better. Nor can i help the women who will inevitably answer these ads.

But i want to .


But i found this… and it made me laugh.

2016-04-17 (1)

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