New Day New Plan… Day 82

I have been running flat out for two weeks straight.

I am exhausted.

I spent last weekend in NYC, dragging a laptop around Manhattan and trying to learn a little Ruby on  Rails. It was great and horrible at the same time.  I walked more in 8 hours than I have in 2 months (thank goodness i wore flat shoes!). I ate the worst food that I have ever eaten in my life. And I got dehydrated for the first time.

It was rough.

Me (in the red dress) learing like the coding beast I am. 

By Sunday 8 am I was peeing yellow sludge, starving for real food and my feet were aching. but I had a better plan for what i wanted to do with my programming future. Aand it involved Ruby On Rails.

Why didn’t I start here? It was glorious! It was like all the JavaScript that I had been trying to cram into my head started to make sense at one time. It was easy to read and easy to write (at least compared to JavaScript). It’s versatile.

I fell in love.

And I changed my plan.

I’ve been struggling with JavaScript. it’s difficult to understand, to write and sometimes to read. I think im a smart person. i am very literate person and im good at math. i should be able to code. and make basic apps. but i couldn’t in JavaScript. and i started copying other people’s codes per a recommendation from a peer.

Javascript isn’t working for me.

But I didn’t want to give up coding. I really enjoy it. I like creating things and having a finished product that i can show people. I ike feeling accomplished.

And here we are with Ruby on Rails. my new love. my new boyfriend.

So my  new plan is to master Ruby on Rails and load  up my CodePen so a future employer can see what I can do. because my one day training wiht RailsBridge NYC told me I can be a programmer. This is my future .

Here are some great resources for learning Ruby on Rails.

 RailsBridge  This was my first in-person training and the best intro I could have had

Codecademy I dont know if i love them or FreeCodeCamp more but i do know they make learning coding not so terrifying

Learn Ruby the Hard Way  Because you can only learn by doing

If you have any suggestions for me please email me… I can use all the advice possible. And I would love to see how you are progressing.


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