Hey Boss! I quit!

I finally quit my job.

I love saying that sentence. It was so long in the coming. and so deserved.After five years of slaving for little pay, no thanks and bad attitudes  i now have a great new job with better benefits, more money, more flexibility, greater potential for growth, is closer to my house and more in line with my personality and skill set.

and i get to quit my awful job.

It felt amazing to write up my letter of resignation. it felt amazing to hand it to my boss. and it felt even more amazing to write an exit interview letter to the head of HR.

Well,that last sentence isn’t true.

my exit interview letter was really hard to write. What do you say to people who don’t care about your opinion but keep asking for it? i had real legitimate issues that  needed to be heard. I though if i put it in writing it would be more effective than a sit down meeting. I had already done one of those and filled out the yearly “Employee Satisfaction Survey”. what was the result? we got a mandatory picnic in the spring and they replaced the broken Keurig.



Don’t hate (or sue) me, Chipotle! I really love you and your yummy sofritos.

There are so many other cool ways I could have told off my company. I could have left a nasty note on my cubicle for someone to find when I missed another meeting because they forgot i was in the building. (that only happened once but it’s my favorite memory).



Or I could have hired  a band to sing me out.

Nope. I did neither of those things. instead i did the responsible, adult thing sand wrote a letter. That letter got me a exit interview with the head of HR. and that exit interview left me more annoyed than when i went in.

I walked into that exit interview with four pages of notes and  back up documentation ready to help  the company that I sweated at for 5 years get it together. and i walked out 34 minutes  later disgusted and mad.

I wasted a half hour of my life in that meeting. The HR rep just kept repeating, “I’m sorry you feel that way”. Halfway through i stopped talking and just waited. I hate wasting time. I hate not being listened to. and i hate being patronized.

when i walked out of the room i was angry.

Now, i could have used this anger to get  back at my old company. i could call the Department of Public Health, Department of Labor, a few other departments that i find by google search and tell them what i know. i could go to the media. i could write a scathing blog post and make sure it gets attached to my LinkedIn so several hundred people get an inside scoop.

I didnt do any of those things.

I am not that girl. I try to be classy at all times. And leave smiles and unicorns in my wake.

So I took that anger and channeled it into GeekSoup.

viber image
Remember this? It’s my new media company with the dreaded ex.

I never want to have to return to this company again. or be forced to work somewhere that makes me feel so terrible about myself and the company i work for.

So GeekSoup has to be a success.

Rechanneling my anger means that my daily checklist just got longer. but already we have artists for teh magazine, tech to try out and social media to update.

I’ts getting exciting.


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