Busy, busy, busy girl…


1So the last two weeks have been very busy. Between the new business, the new job and the new car I am running all over trying to accomplish a ton of things. NY Comic Con is fast approaching as well at 7 others I want to (and need to )attend. Plus I’m participating in #100DaysofCode and trying desperately to finish one story for publication.

It’s been fun.

And educational.

As always I want to learn as much as possible. This new business has been a process and so far it’s going well but I know there are so many things I could have done differently. And the new job is exciting in its own way but I still have a lot to learn.

This is what i learned in the last two weeks.


  1. I love webcomics! The new business I have been deliciously vague about is focused on independent comics. Before my partner contacted me I didn’t know a lot about independent comics. I knew some smaller publishers and read some comics that weren’t from the Marvel or DC line. But that was it. Besides,  I was loyal to my old loves. Batman and Wolverine were my first boyfriends. I was an X-Man at heart and liked Daredevil before he landed at Netflix.  Over the years I have added new loves to my weekly read… D4VE, Gotham Academy, Squirrel Girl, Ms. Marvel, Ladykiller, Lumberjanes and on and on. I still read all my old lines faithfully but there is so much more. I wish I had started reading webcomics long ago.  I had heard of webcomics but I had never actually read any. And then the new business forced me to find some and read them. Oh. My. Word. Seriously. There is a lot of talent on the web. A lot of hysterical talent. I am obsessed with  Mr. Teacher and Panda, XKCD and JL8.
  2. My cat is a vindictive jerk. He can throw up and poop on command and likes to do it on the floor, my bed, his couch, beside my desk… everywhere but in his litter box.
    He’s plotting with that side eye.

    And after he vomits on my stuff he sits there and looks at me, like, “Hey, I need you to hurry up and clean that so I can lay there again.” I’ve tried threatening him, chastising him, punishing him. Nothing works. If I loll in bed and don’t give him his breakfast on time…vomit. If I run late at night … poop on the floor.

  3. Starting a new job is fun. And hard. It’s not easy to meet new people and get used to a new building and commute. And for someone with ADD it is not easy to sit still waiting on work to come to you, or doing busy work while work is reassigned so you have something to do. It is torturous. And if I ever doubted I had issues with patience and focus these last two weeks have made it quite clear that I do have these problems and being still is not a thing I can do well.
  4. I put too much pressure on myself. I just got one year older and on that day I made a mental list of all the things I should have accomplished by now and the things I need to accomplish this year. Why did I do that to myself? I know what I can and cannot do and what I can and cannot control. I have enough on my plate without adding things outside my purview.  What did I accomplish by making this “terrible list”? NOTHING. I made myself sick, kept myself up at night worrying over things I couldn’t  control at all and then entered a weeklong depression spiral. It was not a good time.
  5. Panties are the worst ever. Seriously. I hate wearing panties in the summer. But it’s one of those things that socially one must do. But it’s so HOT! Who wants to wear more clothes than they have to. I don’t. I’m trying to figure out how I can get away with wearing the least amount of clothes possible and still be modest. That’s a hard balance to find. Really hard. Wearing clothes feels unnatural in the summer. Like suffocating. I hate them with a passion.
  6. It is really hard to find a good salad. I wake up some mornings craving a salad. And not one of those ones you can get from a chain restaurant. I don’t want some meat heavy, dairy filled, sauce drenched wilty lettuce plate. I want fresh greens, veggies and beans that crunch and burst in my mouth. There was this one restaurant by my old job that i think about almost daily. They were primarily a salad bar but had 40+ items on the menu. It was phenomenal. And now everytime i want a salad I feel the overwhelming urge to get in my car and drive 40 minutes to get one. Just writing about it makes me want a salad.

That’s the end of my rant.

I’m on the road this summer. My magazine  is going to a few comic book conventions. I’ll share more information as it gets closer.

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