Lazy Day Dinners

After a week on the road and then a 3 day convention I am too exhausted to cook. I have literally done nothing. I mopped once because my neighbors pushed their questionable house bugs to my house (seriously one fell on me when I opened the front door. I had to declare war!). But I am on a tight budget. I have to move in a little over a month. I am going on vacation in, also, a little over a month. And I have to save money so I can quit  my job next year.

But I have to eat. But to add to my trauma  I am off all food that I haven’t prepared with own two little hands because of a little gluten poisoning that led to a solid week of depression.

So all that means I need to cook what I have in my pantry and avoid takeout.

Boiling rice cakes. I dont know why but this makes me smile. 

I had rice cakes (because I am obsessed with dduk bok e) and the market had mini peppers on discount. And Google brought me to Beyond Kimchee’s “Rice Cakes with Roasted Mini Peppers and Tomatoes, and It’s Gluten Free!”.

It’s not the most nutritious meal but it was delicious. And quick. I made a few modifications (I.e. I got super lazy because I am exhausted.) Click here for Beyond Kimchee’s recipe.

My lazy one is below.

Lazy Moment Rice Cake with Peppers and Tomatoes IMG_0948


  • 1 lb rice cakes
  • 10 mini peppers sliced
  • 1 tomato – diced
  • Handful of Italian seasoning
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • Oil to cook – I used coconut

  • Soak rice cake overnight.
  • Combine peppers,tomatoes,Italian seasoning and salt and pepper. Cook over medium heat in oil to desired doneness.

    Some of my peppers are still crunchy and stome will slide right down your throat. 
  • Meanwhile boil rice cake for 4-5 minutes. DO NOT OVERCOOK
  • Drain rice cakes when done and toss with pepper mixture.

Eat immediately.


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