Lazy Day Fried Rice

I probably would die if I did not know how to make fried rice. It’s the one thing I can prepare no matter what size pan I have and what vegetables are in the freezer (or lingering a slow, sad death in the refrigerator).  In my meat tolerance time (a long and distant memory) I would add whatever leftover meat I had in the refrigerator and, of course, egg.

Oh, how I miss the egg.

I thought that when I went mostly vegan I would not be able to enjoy my favorite foods ever again. It got really dramatic in my world for a while.

True, there are some things I have not eaten since my allergies took over my grocery list. No more egg foo young (if you need a moment to google that and drool, please feel free). No more frittatas. Or dump omelets. Or scrambled egg on toast.

Oh, how I miss the egg.

Now, as a mostly vegan human being I always have rice in my refrigerator. Lots of rice. And I must do something with it.  I have said it once, and I will say it 100 times, I HATE throwing food away. I think it’s an allergy more than an aversion. But that means that I need to cook up all that leftover rice that takes up space in my refrigerator.

So, what to do?

Well, as a single girl I want time and again to fall back on the old recipes that I know how to make in a few minutes. There is nothing worse than walking in from a longs days’ work, opening the fridge, hating everything in it, but still needing to eat. And there are only so many days one can eat peanut butter toast without starting to loathe the smell of it.

So, one night, staring into my fridge I decided to make fried rice. No egg? No problem.

And without the egg, and the meat, I surprisingly wasn’t dissatisfied.

Over the months, I have perfected my fried rice. It is an art. Quick to make. Delicious to eat. Very little mess to clean up.  The perfect recipe.

So, I was more than a little disappointed when I found that I couldn’t write a recipe for fried rice.

How much rice? The leftover pot in the fridge. How much is that? IDK. Two cups. Maybe. 1 1/2. maybe.

How much vegetable? Or oil? Oh, my word! I don’t know! Leave me alone.


I want you to understand that the recipe below was painstakingly rendered. PAINSTAKINGLY.

You are welcome.

Tip: This can be made in any pan. I prefer a wok, because, well, it’s a wok. But I have made this in a sauce pan, a stew pot and a pot so small I could barely move the spoon.

the littlest portion left after i started eating 

Lazy Day Fried Rice

  • 1 C cold rice
  • ½ chopped vegetables (I used frozen mixed vegetables)
  • 2 TBSP oil (I use coconut and olive oil interchangeably)
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 TBSP soy sauce

Warm oil in pan. On medium heat, Heat rice through, breaking up any lumps and allow some to brown but stir often. When all rice is coated in oil and warm, create a hole in the center and put vegetables in the hole. Let rice and veg warm together for 1 minutes. Then stir together for two – three minutes. Don’t let rice burn. Add soy sauce and salt and combine.


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