Stew So Good You’ll Forget There’s NO Meat


So the world is no fun right now. Everything is bad all the time. And scary.

I was on an upswing for a while. Positivity was flowing out my mouth like pretty vomit. “This awful thing will be great, you’ll see.” “Smiling will make this better.” I was so sickening. My coworkers called me naïve and patted me on the head. My friends ignored me. and the cat puked on the floor.

But I was switching it up.

My superpower was sprinkling rainbows and unicorn dust wherever I walked.

Then I started reading the news again.

What the holy snack cakes on fire?!?!?!?!

I dream of veggies


And we come back to our first statement. So the world is no fun right now. Everything is bad all the time. And scary.

Here in the US, we have a new president. We won’t discuss him. But we will discuss the mood.

The mood is bad, folks. I’m sure in some places the mood is good. Not around here. every store, every business, every purchase, and every interaction involves a crazy amount of negativity. People are scared. They are scared for the future. They are scared of the current. They are scared of people. Of places. Of buzzwords and phrases.

And their scary is making me scary. (don’t correct my grammar. If you are an old black lady, this makes total sense, and you know what I mean.)

So when I’m not embracing my inner unicorn, sprinkling glitter and trying to figure out how to handle this, (because hiding in my warm comfy bed is not an option)  I’ve been cooking. Woah, baby, have I been burning up the stove. No recipes, no cookbooks. Just me, random food, and some pots.

It’s been freeing. Super liberating. And completely chill on my wallet.

My usual when I’m stressed is to shop. You know how much I love the grocery store. But… I don’t have grocery store every night money. I have no money. That’s a lie. I have money. Just not grocery store every night money. In fact, I have a new fun game I’m playing. It’s called (dunh, dunh, DUNH… I love drum rolls) EAT THE PANTRY!


clearly, I need new pots and pans…



This is where you applaud.

I have so many things in my pantry. I am one person. One person with one cat.  But if you guessed my family sized based on my pantry you would think I had a couple of teenagers. Or a large ravenous tapeworm. No one needs as much pasta as I have. No. one. Or beans. Canned. and dried. Or cans of lychee fruit.

I need to eat that junk.

  • Step 1. Cook that junk
  • Step 2. Eat that junk
  • (You get 1000 cool points if you get that reference.)

And it’s been good eating over here. I made black eyed peas (without a ham hock or turkey neck) that were just as flavorful as delicious as if I had shoved half a pig in the pot with the beans. I made a faux egg salad with soy curls (love those soy curls).  And a hearty beefless beef stew. Banh Xeo. Faux omelet. Pulled “pork” made with jackfruit.



I can’t describe this smell…  2 words. A. Mazing.


I’m so full. And I have a positive balance in my bank account.



This post was supposed to be another “Adulting 101” feature but I think we all would be better served if I showed you how to save a dollar, reduce waste and have a hearty meal. It’s the vegan, single girl trifecta.

You are welcome.

So on to the recipe.


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