Veggie Fritters


My co-worker has a theory. She is a big home chef. Anything you ever want to eat, but don’t want to cook yourself, she is willing to make for you. And her food is always amazing. Always. And because her closest friend in the office is a vegetarian and I am a gluten free mostly vegan she has been reading vegan recipes on reddit (Yes, I said reddit). The other day she came to me completely serious, which is rare in my office and had a moment. It went something like this.

“What is with vegan recipes?”

“What are you talking about?”

“They are the worst!”

“Worse than M.S.?” (Inside joke about a famous lifestyle mogul whose recipes can be questionable.)


“Worse than R.O’D?” (Another inside joke about a comedian who decided to own a magazine that became known for how nasty all the recipes were.)

“Ok. Not that bad. But some of these are completely defying physics. Your recipe cannot defy physics. It’s not a real thing.”

“I don’t know if they do.”
“They do. And they are nasty.”

The conversation wasn’t very compelling but it was interesting for five minutes.

Her abrupt, completely random and somewhat entertaining conversation made me think. Vegan recipes aren’t always easy. And I think, they should be. There’s no meat, no crazy amounts of marinating. No special cuts you need. But it feels as if I always need to buy every last vegetable in the market and every spice known to man. Of course, I’m exaggerating. That’s my thing. But, one does have to admit that it’s hard to find a tasty, easy to replicate vegan recipe.

For example, vegetable fritters. When I was younger my mother made veggie fritters

fritter batter
that’s good looking fritter batter

fairly often. They were a quick snack that used up all leftover veggies before they went completely bad in the refrigerator.  Prior to becoming (mostly) vegan, I had never made veggie fritters before. I have no good excuse. I just didn’t. But a few months ago I started thinking about them. A lot. I wanted a fritter. So, I bought them from a few restaurants but they were never right. The fritters were either too bland, too salty, too floppy, too greasy… just too.


And every recipe I found online was a disappointment.

Just so you all know, fritters do not require sea salt, fancy cheeses or fancy dips. You need flour, water, veggies, and salt. That’s it. Anything else is a bonus, and possibly a distraction.

So I made my own recipe. Which is something that I am learning more and more I love to do. I guarantee, that you will have these fritters on the table in less than half an hour. And that everyone who tries it will love. Plus, per usual, these are totally customizable. fritter imagesHate zucchini? No worries, corn, and broccoli are good options.

Happy eating!


P.S. You can really use any veggies you want in this recipeYou can use any flour you want in this recipe. You can use any oil you want in this recipe.  It’s the most customizable recipe you will ever try.


veggie fritter recipe

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