Tuna Not Tuna Chickpea Salad

Operation Tighten our Beltstrap is still a go. It’s a hard, difficult, sad-faced go. That’s not true. It’s been fun. More fun than I thought budgeting can be. And I have learned a lot about myself. And, most importantly, my shopping habits.

I LOVE shopping. It’s my go to feel good. It’s my joy. And my shame. I can drain a bank account in less time than most people can tie a shoelace. It’s disturbing when I think about it. So, of course, I take it to my therapist and try to figure out why I shop. I won’t make this into therapy cry session version 2 but let’s boil it down to, it feels good so I do it.

Same goes for food.

If you’ve read any of my posts you well know how much I love food. As much as I love shopping and impossibly high heels. And I, in a quest to be more plant friendly, and budget friendly, am searching high and low for new recipes. Oftentimes, and I’m sure you’ve experienced this too, you stumble across a recipe that makes you look at it cross-eyed. For example, vegan loaf. vegan fried chicken.  Cauliflower Hot Wings. Not exactly what I’m thinking can be delicious veganized.

Put Tuna salad on that list.


Tuna salad can be as simple as tuna and mayonnaise. Or it can be fancy and involve a laundry list of ingredients. But it always is tuna. And mayonnaise.

How can you make tuna salad without tuna?

Fun fact: Chickpeas are ridicule versatile.

I have read a zillion (not quite. But definitely more than 10) recipes for chickpea salad. They all had cute names like, “Not Your Momma’s Tuna Salad” or “Chickpea of the Sea” Salad. But basically, they were telling me that chickpeas were going to be just as good, if not better, than my beloved cans of tuna in a stinky sandwich.

They were right.

Chickpea salad is quick. It is cheap. And it is delicious.

Just like in a good tuna sandwich, a good chickpea salad sandwich is all about the ratios. There has to be a perfect balance to the celery, mayo, chickpeas and spices. Too much spice and it overwhelms the bland chickpea. Too much mayo and you just have a soupy mess. But the recipe I finally concocted is perfect. It is everything. And just like tuna salad, it tastes amazing the next day.

Happy Eating!

~ SB

Tuna Not Tuna Chickpea Salad Recipe

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